Elborai Group is a real estate developer and a design + build firm that is focused on contemporary design in North Texas. Our goal is for each of our projects to be a sanctuary of beauty, function, and comfort while remaining a sound economic investment that brings peace of mind.


We are creative, skillful, dedicated and diverse individuals that are passionate about the work we create.


CEO & Chief Designer

Amr Elborai founded Elborai Group after 20 years in capital markets. He used his experience as a real estate development fund manager to reinvent the traditional structure of the homebuilding process. Not only does he bring a unique approach to investment structures, but his keen eye for balance and aesthetic brings new life to even the most contemporary design projects. Amr holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Dallas and a double Bachelors in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University.



As the master of forging and building relationships, Masoud Rahmani is Elborai Group’s Vice President and his role encompasses sales strategies and business development. As CEO Amr Elborai’s right hand he is also the creative force behind identifying alliances and forging relationships for the brand. Relentlessly driven with an entrepreneurial spirit whose previous decade he spent in sales and finance for the largest luxury car brand in the nation.


Project Manager

Adrian is the Director of Design at Elborai Group. Managing and directing, he oversees all of our development and design + build projects, focusing on all elements of project management from the initial design concept to the completion of the project. Adrian earned a Bachelors in Architecture and Sustainable Development from the University of Colorado.


Interior Designer

As an innovative and experienced interior designer, Carlee specializes in creating unique spaces that perfectly balance functionality and aesthetics. She gained a reputation for exceptional attention to detail, ability to manage projects effectively, and having a creative vision. Her belief is that a well-designed space serves to enhance productivity, improve emotional state and ultimately bring a sense of serenity. Carlee is a dedicated and skilled member of Elborai Group's team striving daily to meet and exceed expectations and bring visions to life.